Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2020

Dong WANG Dalian University of Technology, China With more than 7 years’ research experience on computer vision and video processing, His work on visual object tracking has been recognized by the research colleagues, and received several awards. He is also active in the IEEE and ISAIR communities, for conference organization, journal editor, and paper reviewer.

Call for 2020 “Outstanding Young Researcher Award” Nominations

From 2019, under the support of International Society for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (ISAIR), we set up “Outstanding Young Researcher Award”. IEEE Big Data STC/ISAIR provides travel support funds (USD 100-USD 500) for researchers who have an excellent record of research achievements in the past 3 years. If you are interested in,please fill the Application Form andContinue reading “Call for 2020 “Outstanding Young Researcher Award” Nominations”

Books, Papers, and Articles

Brain intelligence: go beyond artificial intelligence CONet: A cognitive ocean network Emotion-aware multimedia systems securityHeterogeneous Information Network-based Content Caching in the Internet of Vehicles COCME: Content-Oriented Caching on the Mobile Edge for Wireless Communications Edge Intelligence in the Cognitive Internet of Things: Improving Sensitivity and Interactivity Label-less Learning for Emotion Cognition Artificial Intelligence and Robotics