IEEE Computer Society Conference on Data Science and Engineering 2020 (Zhenjiang, Jan. 5, 2021)

CDSE is the IEEE Computer Society Signature Conference on Data Science and Engineering. It is a major international forum for academia, industry, and government to discuss research results and advancements, emerging problems, and future trends in big data technologies and applications.




Program (2021/Jan/5, local time)

Keynote Talk: Deep Prototype Learning for Robust Pattern Recognition
Prof. Peter X. Liu, IEEE Fellow
9:00-9:10 Research on Supply Chain Financial Based on Blockchain (83)
Shuyue Wang, Bowen Xie and Yi Sun
9:10-9:20 Supply Chain Financial Service Architecture Based on Blockchain (84)
Shuyue Wang, Bowen Xie and Yi Sun
9:20-9:30 Label attention guided hierarchical decision network for age estimation (94)
Chunlong Hu, Lijuan Wang, Shang Gao, Jianjun Chen, Xin Zuo, Junbin Gao and Yucheng Shu
9:30-9:40 Object Tracking Based on Response Maps Fusion Siamese Network (42)
Yaru Qiao, Qiang Qian, Jinlong Shi, Yuecheng Yu and Changxi Cheng
9:40-9:50 Tag generation method based on topic information (45)
Yuecheng Yu, Daoyue Jing, Chang Liu, Yongqian Lu and Jinlong Shi
9:50-10:00 An Improved Bi-directional Maximal Matching Algorithm based on Optimized Word Connection (46)
Xingyu Yan, Xiaofan Xiong, Xiufeng Cheng, Yujing Huang, Haitao Zhu and Fang Hu
10:00-10:10 DoS-resisting two-factor remote authentication and key exchange scheme with user anonymity for mobile communication (47)
Rengang Li, Yaqian Zhao, Xuelei Li, Ruyang Li, Chuang Zhang and Yunfeng Yin
10:10-10:20 A Survey of Meta-learning for Image Segmentation (49)
Jiaxing Sun, Shuo Yang, Yujie Li and Huimin Lu
10:20-10:30 Numerical simulation of cruise ship cabin fire based on FDS (78)
Qiang Jiang and Wei Yuan
10:30-10:40 Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine with the Increased Classes (55)
Hualong Yu, Houjuan Xie, Xibei Yang, Haitao Zou and Shang Gao
10:40-10:50 Three-way Clustering Based on Stability Theory (56)
Pingxin Wang, Dongqin Jiang and Xibei Yang
10:50-11:00 A hybrid and regenerative model chat robot based on LSTM and Attention Model (68)
Dongyang Gao and Junwu Zhu
11:00-11:10 Research on PCA-LSTM Bearing Remaining Life Prediction Method Based on Multi-layer Grid Search (69)
Kou Huang, Wei Yuan and Hongwei Chen
11:10-11:20 Research on Path Tracking Control Method of Unmanned Surface Vehicle Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning (70)
Rui Guo and Wei Yuan
11:20-11:30 A New Biometric-based, Mutual Authenticated Certificateless Key Agreement Protocol for Telecare Medical Information System (71)
Shuoying Zhang
11:30-11:40 Data selection of source project for imbalanced cross project defect prediction (75)
Shang Zheng, Jinjing Gai, Hualong Yu, Haitao Zou and Shang Gao

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